Chickens For Christmas

Why did the afternoon Missions group’s October meeting start with the chicken dance? (Watch Here)

The Missions chair and vice chair, Fay and Sue got everyone dancing on Tuesday! This was the launch of a new Christmas project - giving poultry through Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM).

We have decided to take a break from doing Christmas boxes and will do "Chickens for Christmas" instead.

For every $25 we send, two hens and a rooster to be given to a family in India or Africa. Just mark your offering envelope with the amount you would like to include. This project runs until November 30.

Watch the thermometer in the front foyer to see how our project is doing. One side is how the ESL students are doing and the other side is the church! Wonder who will help the most families!

The woman in this picture (left) is a widow in a rural community in India, at risk of being food insecure and falling further into poverty.

She was given a pair of chickens. These she raised for their eggs. The eggs were used to raise more chickens. Increasing her egg yield allowing her to sell the surplus locally. These funds were used to purchase a pair of goats.  

She has given chickens to other widows in her community and they are now benefiting from this initial gift.  

You can see in the picture she has also acquired a cow for milk - in time she will be able to sell surplus milk. 

CBM partnered with the local Baptist church to make this happen. This is the kind of transformation that your gift of chickens can bring.

Join in on "the chicken dance" as we seek to fulfill our value of deliberate action!

Cuba August 2020

Don’t forget the Cuba meeting following the service October 20! Bring your forms and deposit cheques. 

Here are answers to questions re the trip to Cuba:

Q: Someone thought there was a convention or assembly taking place when we are there helping with the kids program, is that true? 

A: No. This is not the case. The Assembly takes place earlier in the year. The kids programs are ministries of FIBAC that take place in the summer. 

Q: Do kids stay there for the ten days? Or is it a day camp?   

A: First, the entire 10 days will not be the camp. The camp will be a portion of your time in country but there will be other ministry activities as well. Sometimes the camps are overnight and others are more day-camp style.


Q: Do we develop the kids program?

A: You will be responsible for developing parts of the program. I usually encourage teams to plan games, music, crafts, bible stories, etc, and then pull activities as needed.

Q: Do the kids speak English?

A: Some will have know a little English but the main language is Spanish. The camp activities will take place with translation.

Q: Are you (CBM rep) coming to meet our team?

A: We will meet with your team either in person or virtually after I will be go to Cuba early in the new year for 2020 planning. 

We are sending a team to Cuba for 10 days in August 2020! We will participate and lead alongside The Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba at their National Camp. Our national mission agency, Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM), is organizing this project.

The project

  1. Our primary focus will be to work with children and youth at the national camp.
  2. There might be opportunities for some small building projects, but that is secondary to the work with the children and depends on the availability of supplies. 
  3. The third purpose is to bring encouragement to the churches in Cuba. Having us visit will encourage them. BONUS - those who go will definitely be encouraged to see how God is working there.

The cost:

The total cost is $2500* this includes all flights, insurance, accommodations, meals, in-country travel and project costs. (This may change slightly if flight costs go up.)

*We plan to do some fundraising for those that find the costs a challenge.


  • September 2019 -$225 per person (Non refundable deposit to hold your place on the team).
  • April 15, 2020 $1137.50 per person
  • June 15, 2020 $1137.50 per person


  • September 2019 - Team confirmed. Deposits ($225.), applications and other forms sent to CBM.
  • Fall 2019 - CBM Orientation #1 and the team will begin to meet monthly for study and prayer. They will be studying together the book: Helping without Hurting in Short Term MIssion. Books will be provided by CBM.
  • January 2020 - fundraising will begin
  • August 2020 - Cuba here we come! (Exact date to be finalized.)

If you want to be part of this team, please complete the forms linked below and also have a criminal record check done at your local RCMP office. Bring these items and a copy of your passport to the church office with your $225 deposit (cheque made payable to Canadian Baptist Ministries) by the end of August.

For more information contact Fay at