Library News

Greetings to all our library friends. We miss seeing your smiling faces and trust you are well. Everyone is allowed to access the library when the church is open (M-F, 9am-4pm). When books are returned to the library we are disinfecting each one before it is returned to the shelves. 

Please follow the easy borrowing procedure described in the circulation area and enjoy some Christian reading.


If a book is currently out, it can be reserved by contacting Eleanor North, or call or text 604-418-7027.

For those who have books out and are finished reading them, please return them to the shelf in the library so that others can enjoy them also. 

Please see below for our newest books!

Click here for new books in May 2021.

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Easter Cards!

There's a wide variety of Easter cards available in the library now! Check them out and give them to your loved ones!

As you will see, the card display in the library has been significantly improved. The stand is higher and people can easily see the different categories of cards. As of this week there were about 200 cards to choose from! Maxine and her team are doing a great job and donations to the library are appreciated.

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