Library News

Greetings to all our library friends. We miss seeing your smiling faces and trust you are well. Some of you have been accessing the library when the church is open and this is acceptable under the guidelines of personal distancing and hygiene. When books are returned to the library we are disinfecting each one before it is returned to the shelves. Summer is an opportunity for more reading time and that is even more likely now. Please follow the easy borrowing procedure described in the circulation area and enjoy some summer reading.


Last Sunday Brian mentioned the book he is referencing in the sermon series on Ecclesiastes: Living Life Backwards by David Gibson. This book is currently out but it can be reserved by contacting me, Eleanor North, or call or text 604-418-7027. It will be available on short loans of 1 week with a little grace if needed.


For those who have books out and are finished reading them, please return them to the shelf in the library so that others can enjoy them also. Next week we will be resuming the due date system.