NEW "CONTINUED PRAYER" LIST PROTOCOL: In order to keep the prayer list current, the names on the the prayer list will be reset starting December 1. If you would like to be on the prayer list in December, please let Monica know at Names on the prayer list, will be automatically removed after 4 weeks. If you would like to be added again, or know someone who would, simply email us and we will put you, or your loved one, back on the prayer list for another 4 weeks. We will also have a section for church "Families of the Week" to pray for, and list approximately 5 church families each week.

Lisa Batstone's trial has begun this week. If you are feeling anxious about this, please join us for a special prayer meeting this Sunday, November 18 at 9:00 am in the Boardroom (Room 206).

HOSPITAL: Mel Ralston (PAH Room 511), Gloria Swanson (PAH Room 602).

CONTINUED PRAYER: Kay Uchida, Carrie Read (Ian's niece). Ewald Konrad, George Fossum, Betty & Norm Neville, Rolly Villaruel, Dave Simpson, Avery Johnson (Lauder's granddaughter), Henry Schnell, Daphne Anderson, Cathy Galiot, Laura Doubroff, Betty Pugh, Rita & John Murray, Harold Arens, Pat Reed, Frank Janetti, Ella Klann, Phil & Lois Collins, Karen Campbell, Lisa Batstone, Dick & Alma Nickel. 

Please continue to pray for those in our congregation who are unable to get out to attend services.

MEMORIAL: Our prayers and condolences go out for the family and friends of Margaret Johnson who went to be with the Lord recently. Her memorial is planned for Saturday, November 24 at 11am at White Rock Baptist Church.