From: Brian Louw []

Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 4:16 PM

Subject: We're in this together

Dear White Rock Baptist Church,

I know how you’re feeling because I feel the same. Yes, I have faith and hope that is unwavering in the fact that God is still in control, but at the same time my human emotions bubble over. So for those of you who are concerned or anxious, for those who may be wrestling with doubt and disappointment, I want to encourage you not to lose hope. It’s in times like these we need to turn to God in prayer and look out for one another as much as we can.

In this time of uncertainty I want to encourage you in one more specific area; the area of generosity. By now you’ve read the headlines and seen the news of numerous companies laying off staff. There are many individuals in our community who are concerned as they watch their income decrease. So my friends, for those who are able, this is not a time to hoard or be stingy. This is the time to look for ways to be generous to one another and care for one another through food packs, gift cards, and financial aid.

Having said that, I want to invite those who are able to continue remembering the church in your generosity. As we seek to serve our community in new and unusual ways, we are still dependent on your generosity. Sadly we are also not unaffected by this pandemic and have only received 46% of our budget income for March. With that in mind I want to share a few ways that you are able to give to the church that you might not be aware of (all can be accessed on our web site: To summarise them, they are:

• E-transfers

• Credit or debit cards

• Recurring gifts

• Cheques mailed to the office (while we still can)

If you have any specific giving questions, I want to invite you to make contact with Marvin in the office ( For some, the thought of giving electronically might be new and daunting, please feel free to contact Marvin in the office so that we can make it easier for you. If you would still prefer something more personal, within socially responsible guidelines, then I would invite you to make contact with the church office so that we can help you.

My friends, I know this is a tough time for all, and I certainly don’t want this email to look like a money grab. I also don’t want it to induce guilt-based giving. I simply want to communicate to all and invite those who can respond to respond. For everyone, will you join me in praying that the ministry of White Rock Baptist church would continue to have an impact in the White Rock / South Surrey community and, indeed, the world.

Don't forget to join us for our first live video church service this Sunday morning at 10. We're looking forward to gathering together virtually for a time of worship, prayer, and scripture.

Until then, may you know the presence and provision of God at this time.

Pastor Brian (for, and on behalf of, WRBC)

Brian Louw

Senior Pastor

White Rock Baptist Church